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Ariel Bleth

As a mosaic artist, I work with images, a collective whole, created from a myriad of tesserae differing in shapes, colors, textures and sizes. To me, mosaic art is an apt metaphor for the creative process of our own becoming, shaped by all the pieces of our life experiences.  It is a dance between what is visible and known and what is as yet unseen. EFT has been a powerful ally as I’ve deepened the dialogue between my conscious and unconscious mind. It has provided me with a tool to listen and be more present to the discord, the longing, the knowing; from the parts of myself that feel constricted to the parts of myself that know much more is possible. As part of this process I have come to appreciate the beauty of combining dreamwork with EFT and enjoy sharing this with others.

I am passionate about the process of self-discovery, supporting others on their own journeys, and offering EFT as a tool for working with how this shows up in their lives. We are all susceptible to feeling hijacked by our histories, the events and circumstances of our lives, and chronic patterns of stress. Some of us carry self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy or being fundamentally flawed in some way. Some of us feel stuck, out of balance, disconnected or armored in our hearts. Shedding light on what no longer serves us, bringing together disparate aspects of our selves, and creating the image that truly reflects who we are in our fullness, can take courage and often support from others. I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

I am a trauma-informed, Certified EFT Practitioner, with clinical EFT training through the EFT Tapping Training Institute and accreditation through EFT International. I have received additional training in Matrix Reimprinting and through the Trauma Resiliency Institute, Heart Math Institute, Tapping Training Institute and the Peaceful Heart Network.  

EFT International

There are very few human beings who receive the truth, complete and staggering, by instant illumination. Most of them acquire it fragment by fragment, on a small scale, by successive developments, cellularly, like a laborious mosaic. — Anaïs Nin 


"My experience working with Ariel has been incredibly rewarding. I've done a fair bit of personal work before I started working with her, and was a bit skeptical whether tapping would really make a difference. I've been so impressed with the work and with Ariel! Ariel is incredibly non-judgmental, respectful, warm, and skilled. She's so easy to trust and talk openly with. I made more progress in a few sessions with her than in years of other therapy.  Highly recommend."  Claudia, Vermont

"Ariel was such an empathetic and detailed listener and EFT practitioner. I came to her with many interwoven, complex relationship tensions with myself and with others. Every session she would create such powerful scripts to tap with and was always a sturdy and compassionate guide when I would fall apart and just need a moment. I was truly bummed when our time together came to an end. If you want emotional release and more equanimity in your life - I trust Ariel will help you get there - because she did for me!"   Tianna, Washington

"I find myself very drawn to EFT as a gentle process that is not overwhelming and doesn't solely rely on my cognitive self.  In my experience, EFT helps to get to those deeper unconscious beliefs, allowing me to make different choices in the present moment.  Working with Ariel came at a particularly hard time in my life. In just a few sessions I could feel a difference.  Ariel is an excellent facilitator of this process. She is gentle, intuitive and very skilled. I highly recommend her."    Sharon, New Mexico

"Before I sought Ariel's help with EFT, I found the process frustrating and ineffective. But after several instructional sessions, she helped me refine the steps and tapping so that EFT is now a helpful tool I use often. Ariel was able to quickly identify the problems I was having and guide me through the EFT process effectively. For me, it was the difference between night and day. Ariel gives clear instructions, is perceptive, and helps to make the process enjoyable. She is a skilled EFT instructor. I unequivocally recommend her."  Susan, Montana

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